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Marine Construction, Inspection & Maintance Services

Atlantic Underwater Services can provide a wide range of inspection and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) services to consultant engineers, local and regional authorities.

Atlantic Underwater Services can execute any underwater inspection and maintenance requirements that your project may have. Atlantic Underwater Services has many years of experience in carrying out underwater survey and inspection work. From a basic visual inspection to more detailed engineering surveys, our team of highly trained divers and diving engineers can assist, and report to our clients. We offer visual, ROV, NDT (non-destructive testing), and ultra sonic thickness measurement surveys.

Marine Construction

Specific marine construction survices offered by Atlantic Underwater Services are, but not limited to:

  • Subsea cable installation and decommissioning
  • Marine dock structure installation
  • Subsea concrete foundations installment
  • Underwater constructions: concrete, weld, cut, grout, dredge
  • Bridge construction and inspection
  • Underwater demolition and concrete wire saw-cutting
  • Pile driving and bridge cason development


Marine Inspection & Maintance Services

Servces we can provide include:

  • Underwater and confined space structural inspections
  • Underwater video equipment and editing suite
  • ROV inspection and recording
  • Culvert and outfall inspections
  • River, canal, waterways and lock gate surveys
  • (NDT) Non destructive testing
  • Non-wet work for confined space inspection
  • Support for environmental surveys
  • Provision of full technical engineering reports

Underwater video and/or visual inspections for all marine structures including:

  • Bridges
  • Piers
  • Dock and harbor walls
  • Jetties
  • Lock gates
  • Marinas, pontoons, moorings
  • Culverts and outfalls

Addt’l Marine Inspection Services

Sonar (FLS), Dual Frequency Mode, Ultra High Density (UHD), Ultra High Resolution (UHR), and single frequency are designed specifically for marine construction work.

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