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Tank Inspections Services

We specialize in ROV & drained inspections of all types of water tanks which are underground and groundlevel. Our sanitary, coating and structural inspections include the interior and exterior.  

We have extensive training and experience in tank coatings and corrosion, welded tanks, concrete tanks, leaks, glass lined bolted steel tanks & epoxy coated bolted steel tanks.

We are independent professional inspection firm and do not attempt to sell you unnecessary recoats, repairs, maintenance programs, or silt removal.

Tank Cleaning & Inspections

We are a full service inspection and cleaning company. Specializing in Potable water tank inspections, and in services cleanings and maintenance. Cleaning can be accomplished with ROV in tanks where divers cant be used.

Our inspectors are trained to perform Both wet and dry inspections in accordance to AWWA and NFPA standards.

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